Gain the eco-friendly card lottery part two

In our last blog we began through an in-depth discussion in the personal rules to qualify to the green card lottery. This installment continues with all the educational and/or training requirements.
You Must Have a Secondary Education
Besides the residency requirement, you might want at the very least the equivalent of a twelve-year U.S. school education to obtain the visa lottery. You are not forced to prove that you've a high school graduation education in your visa lottery registration. But you simply must provide this evidence when you're necessary your immigrant visa interview. You must graduate when the immigrant visa is granted.
Applicants must complete their secondary school education once in their immigrant visa application, not at the time in their green card lottery application.
If you have your not too long ago of secondary school education, you are able to create the lottery to be a "Principal Applicant". The following example illustrates age requirement.
If you create the 365 days 2014 lottery in October 2014, you or your lottery service can look at your winning status beginning May 1, 2015. If won by you and also your interview is scheduled in December, 2015 you are able to graduate as late since the summer session of 2015 nevertheless go into the season 2014 lottery.
If have not successfully completed another school education, then you'll want couple of years full-time work experience of your occupation in the field that will need 24 months of education. Otherwise your registration are going to be disqualified.
An American General Equivalence Degree (G.E.D.) or its check here foreign equivalent is just not accepted.
OR You Must Have Two Years Recent Work Experience inside a Specific Occupation
If you don't have a secondary school secondary school education or its equivalent, this provision may apply. You may be capable to substitute work example of an expert occupation for education. The following section explains this in greater detail.
If You Do Not Have the Required Education
You must provide you with have worked for a minimum of a couple of years in the occupation requiring couple of years of your practice or experience of the final five-years.
If you might be unsure should your particular distinctive line of occupation or trade qualifies, this information is on the net at:
When movie O*Net OnLine, abide by these steps to discover in case your occupation qualifies:
If your task is listed here, you qualify for your green card lottery depending on your hard work experience or vocation. Please note that in many instances the occupations listed require at the very least an extra education and a lot demand a degree or maybe a sophisticated degree.
After that you are notified from the State Department that you just won the lottery so you need to qualify determined by work experience, bring proof your qualifying employment for the interview. This proof needs to be instructions out of your employer on company letterhead verifying: dates of employment, job title, salary, if employment was full-time, a short job description, plus the employer's contact info.
If you happen to be interested in applying for the green card lottery by way of a paid lottery service, consult this listing of qualified 3rd party agents. Or you are able to possible until October and make application for free with the U.S. government web page.
A green card lottery dates and deadlines table to the 2012, 2013, and 2014 visa lotteries can be acquired at

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